W begins with a D, amirite?

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I did this when I was a child and my step-father called me stupid.

Now who's laughing!

@xjinxxz Ask him what m begins with?

Yeah and H
And don't even get me started on Y

Is it W or is it D

@xjinxxz Ask him what m begins with?

It's an e but yall keep pronouncing e as i and i as ai so youre missing out on a perfectly good vowel

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C starts with S, F starts with E, G starts with J, H starts with A, and L, M, N all start with E, R starts with A, S starts with E, U starts with Y, X starts with E

I noticed this when I was a kid. Also that's shape is two Vs combined and not two Us combined.

W is the only letter that takes up more than one syllable - and it manspreads out over three!

W is the reason that L. M, N, O, and P have to squeeze together in that alphabet song.

U: "Hi, I'm a U."

W: "Yeah? Well, I'm a double U."

What a self-centered jerk.

And Y starts with a W!


  • F starts with an E
  • H starts with an A (in many places)
  • L starts with an E
  • M starts with an E
  • N starts with an E
  • R starts with an A
  • S starts with an E
  • X starts with an E
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How many vowel alphabets, not necessarily in English, are not pronounced beginning with vowels?

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