I like to tear the straw wrapper off the straw instead of smacking it on the table, amirite?

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What is smacking it on the table? Just push the straw up and it will tear the wrapper like a push pop

Gangstacat4882s avatar Gangstacat4882 Yeah You Are +4Reply

I have been doing this for years. Had way too many straws bend and split from hitting it on the table at the wrong angle or just the straws being cheap.

browndog888s avatar browndog888 Yeah You Are +3Reply

I've become this way because recently it seems like straws are made more flimsy?? Every time I smack them on the table now they break and crack

I rip the end off, then fire the paper at an unsuspecting target by blowing into the straw like a crazy peashooter!

DueBodybuildes avatar DueBodybuilde Yeah You Are +2Reply

I always tear the end off then blow the straw paper at the person across from me.

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +2Reply

I am so confused— is this a regional thing? I tear open the straws by hand. Everyone in my family tears the straws open by hand. Everyone I've ever gone out to eat with tears the straws open by hand.

I am forced to tear them open now that most places use paper straws. Smacking them on the table destroys a paper straw.

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