Habaneros are inferior to Jalapeños, amirite?

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I don't make it a habit to eat peppers straight, but mango habanero and ghost pepper bbq are the best sauces

I'm not nearly as spice tolerant as I'd like to be. I like the flavor of habaneros better than jalapeños, but unless it's cut by some fairly sweet elements, a habanero is too hot for my baby mouth.

They serve different purposes! Jalapeños have a real capsicumy freshness that pairs great with sour things (like lime, or when they're pickles or in a margarita) but habaneros have a real punch that pairs really well with sweetness (mango being the classic, but I love to put it in a salsa with fresh plums or peaches).

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I dunno, I personally like the sweet contrast that they have, but that's just me. Most people probably have no idea what any of these peppers taste like, but I can't blame them because the heat is very overpowering.

All personal taste. Personally I've lost my taste for the flavor jalapeños in favor to other peppers, but this isn't necessarily a bad take you have here. I will say that I think habaneros are a bit sweeter than jalapeños once you build up tolerance, but that may just be my own tastes there.

And bringing up mango, personally for me mango is a taste to be…let's say enjoyed in limited quantities.

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jalapenos are my favorite peppers. basically what you said: they have a nice blend of heat and flavor. anything spicier than a jalapeno starts to lose flavor and it's just a spiciness punishment.

i've cooked with habaneros before they're alright but i always prefer jalapenos.

This is coming from someone who can eat carolina reapers, which are 3 times habenero, without too much problem, but some jalepenos can be absolute killer. I couldn't finish this one jalepeno, but could eat the carolina reaper. What gives

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