When in your mid 30s, you are only considered young if you die, amirite?

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Get a hip replacement around then and see how many people call you young.

@Shiny244 Get a hip replacement around then and see how many people call you young.

I got my hip replacement last year at 28 age and walk funny sometimes.. definitely dosent feel young 😂

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Also our bosses still think we are chirldren out of high-school for some reason. It's weird that I'm 40 and still considered a child. Maybe because I can't afford a home or nice car or vacations while making 5 dollars more than my mom her entire life. Life is just weird anymore.

You can be considered too old for potty when you're 15 but to young for alcohol. It's all about perspective.

Cmon man. I know the bar Is set low these days but im still surprised at the lack of effort..

.. most people over 50 think 30 is young. And people in their 80s say 50 is young

Certain careers and accomplishments are super young to reach in your 30s.

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How about if you retire at that age?

How about if you have grandkids at that age?

How about if you achieve something super impressive, like a ranked shogi/chess master, CEO of a Fortune 500, etc.?

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Becoming a world leader, becoming a leader in an academic field, becoming a sports team manager?

I'm 58. Mid 40s to me is young. But when I was 15 mid 30s was old. My mom told me just today "you're young still". Age is relative.

You are also considered young if you go to the senior center, what's your point?

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You aren't considered young, it's considered a young age to die at.

Or if you are a president, or if you have grandchildren... Basically anything that usually happens to old people

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