Red Dwarf is not funny, amirite?

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Most unpopular opinion that I've read here. Red Dwarf is my all time favourite show. I chuckle at some of the dialogue most days. BSc SSc anyone?

browndog888s avatar browndog888 Yeah You Are +5Reply

Woah woah woah! It's the best TV show of all time. But nah each to their own bro

ambitiouscorners avatar ambitiouscorner Yeah You Are +5Reply

Its level of humor is proportional to how British you are.

Yeah neither and I love British humour

Cheytuflyas avatar Cheytuflya Yeah You Are +4Reply

I used to find it very funny when it was first aired.

I tried to watch it the other day and just didn't. Like, not at all.

Like most things, comedy has cultural value and I think that element has been lost over time.

It was, indeed, of its time.

Ha ha ha, oh Rimmer! You are a smeghead.

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