Greeting strangers with "how are you" is kind of a bad thing to do, amirite?

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The correct response is
"Not too bad, you?

Where I live, people respond back with "living the dream" which usually means they are not living the dream lol

It's also just possible to tell them how you really feel

I always respond "You want the truth or a good lie?" If they want the lie "Having a great day. How are you doing?"

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"You alright" is literally a common greeting in the UK which isn't actually asking if they're alright, it's just a hi.

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Why do you hate America?

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That's why they don't do that most places of the world. I'm not sure but i think north Amerika is the only place that has this weird habit.

@LookAnAltAccount Educate me.

I personally grew up in Latin America and my home country as well as every single place I went to including Spain had a variation of 'how are you' as a greeting. I've also never met someone from any other culture (who speaks English/Spanish) who found it weird to be greeted with 'how are you' or 'how are you doing'. This is an extremely weird-rare opinion and it probably comes from not traveling a lot and being around the same group of people for most of your life.

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Nah, if I am not doing well I tell them that. This sometimes makes people unconfortable, but that's on them.

Nothing wrong with strangers wanting to be socialable, but if you are just looking for fake pleasentries, don't expect everyone to go along with them.


That's on you for not being willing to accept any support from someone 🤷 I ask everyone who walks in how they are doing. I listen to every story.

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