No one is vegan as we all eat microbial lifeforms every day. amirite?

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If you're defining "vegan" as "not consuming any animal product ever," then you'd be correct if we accept microbial life forms as "animals." But taking the definition of vegan to that sort of extreme is pretty absurd.

Ultimately, being vegan is really about making the choice to not deliberately consume any animal products. The key word being "deliberately." You can't control your consumption of microbial life forms, but you can certainly control your consumption of the foods you purchase.

Not what vegan means. Microorganisms don't constitute ‘meat or animal byproduct"

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Microorganisms aren't animals. And vegans don't eat animals or use animal products. If you include microorganisms, you would first need to include plants and fungus as they are much higher on the "can it suffer" scale and at that point we're really redefining suffering.

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