The Kelce Brother's Podcast is more evidence the NFL is scripted. amirite?

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I don't think two guys, brothers mind you, starting a podcast in an age when everyone seems like they have a podcast is evidence of anything.

I agree with Tontonsflingueurs. While the pro game hasn't kept pace with the excitement of college football, it certainly isn't "scripted". Having said that, I think it is evident that incremental improvements are taking place: higher scores (I remember when, if a team won with a score in the 20's, it was considered a real beat down), a higher level of parity of talent among teams, and with that, different teams making the playoffs (something the college game would do well to learn from).

While it's understandable to question the seemingly coincidental timing of the Kielce Brothers' podcast and their respective Super Bowl appearances, it's important to consider the talent and hard work that each team and player has invested to reach this point. Rather than speculate on the potential influence of outside forces, let's focus on enjoying the excitement of the game.

yeah every single NFL player is "on the fix". they're all complicit and none of them are whistle blowers. it's the world's best-kept secret conspiracy (next to the flat earh, where every single space agency and aerospace company and aviator and navigator in the world is in on the conspiracy)

They are the two best teams in football?

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