It's dumb how zombie games, TV shows, and movies go out of their way to avoid using the word "zombie", amirite?

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They're only zombies if they are from Haiti. Otherwise, they're just the sparkling Undead.

Oh wait, that's Twilight.

If you are possibly referring to The Last of Us. They are truly just infected humans, They never died and re-animated. So for that IP them saying "Infected" is just correct and not them trying to be different.

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@KilljoyX If you are possibly referring to The Last of Us. They are truly just infected humans, They never died and...

I think IRL it would just pan out like Kleenex or Band-aids. Yeah, there's a proper name for them, but now we all just call them this one thing. Sure, they're people infected with cordyceps, but if it looks like a duck...

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Well with 2 of the words you listed there are easy explanations

"Infected" is used in The Last of Us (games and show) and that is because that is what they are... zombies are the dead coming back to life, in TLOU they do not die and come back, they become infected and the infection takes over their body SO by definition they are not zombies

as for "Walkers" if this is in reference to The Walking Dead... TWD is set in a universe where zombie fiction never existed so they never had that word

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I was listening to ‘the last of us' podcast today and they were explaining that they use the term infected because that's actually different to zombie… Zombies are dead which the infected are not - I think that was the general gist of it!

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I get it but the word zombie has been overplayed to death. To the point where zombies are a bit more on the side of clowns. Mostly goofy and only scary if done right. Changing the name, makes them think they can get away from zombie history and perspectives, etc.

Zombie would imply they go by the pronouns ze/za so it is actually very racist and misogynistic and homophobic because you dont address there main pronouns and instead assume there gender which can cause them lots of stress . They are trying there best

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Because real zombies are not ghouls running around trying to eat people. They raised as servents to a master from Haitian voodoo

Personally if i lived in a zombie apocalyptic setting id probably want to refrain from using the word zombie. I would like to keep my humanity and acknowledge these are or were people. And it's not normal that I'm having to do this. That little girls head I just blew off was someone's daughter. A long sad story really.

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A lot of those shows intentionally take place in a universe where zombies aren't a part of pop culture...

That way charecters have an excuse for not knowing everything about them

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"The, ah...the reanimated corpse that's chasing us and seems to want to attack us for some reason..."

Tbf the zeds in Killing Floor aren't zombies. They're not undead, they're just hostile clones of failed supersoldiers.

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Try 7 days to die, they'll have you running from a zombie football player from Zombie high wearing a zombie football uniform.

If a zombie movie took place in a world where zombie movies already exist, everyone would already know what to do in it. Boring.

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@Apartlavishness If a zombie movie took place in a world where zombie movies already exist, everyone would already know what to do...

There's a book series called Zombie Fallout where this is the case. Dude was jokingly prepared for zombies and then they happen. Doesn't take away from the story at all and they just skip the headshots only part and everyone already knows.

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And they all live in a world where the idea of zombies in media never existed

I heard it's because the word Zombie is copyrighted

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