It's frightening sometimes, how we lose our ability to find our way through life because we handover the responsibility to technology. amirite?

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I am bad at directions and when I ask others for help they cannot answer because they rely heavily upon GPS, Global Positioning System.

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That really depends on a few things, for example what is meant by find your way through life, and hand over. Using technology as a tool to make things like finding a job or exploring hobbies to try I would argue isn't handling anything over at all, instead it's using a tool to broaden your horizons and find thing you enjoy doing/ need easier.

I love technology and use it for almost anything I can, but even I would have a hard time finding something important enough to be considered finding my way through life that I've "handed over" to technology.

I guess it would help if you could provide an example of this technology responsible for someone's way through life.

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