Juice world is overrated, amirite?

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Agreed. It is bizarre to see how long the guy could freestyle though. Isn't there one that's like an hour?

404ChompyNotFounds avatar 404ChompyNotFound Yeah You Are +12Reply

His freestyles are incredible however. Watch that video where he spends an hour freestyling to Eminem beats. Pure fire. If he had put that style in his music, I'd have loved it.

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Some of his songs have a good melody but almost all of them are incredibly juvenile. I can't believe I work with so many 20-30 year olds that bump his middle school ass music. In fact, i can write my own juice lyrics right now:

Pop a molly molly wolly, I am so sad/
Shawty broke my heart, baddie hurt me real bad/
Drugs got me feelin lit drugs got me feelin rad/
I really miss shawty she's the best I ever had

Every one of his songs is like that, complete with a bass line that sounds like a bouncing basketball, and often an electronically-produced guitar riff that's just basic scales.

Don't get me wrong, he seemed like a genuinely great guy and he had a good voice, not to mention he was actually a very skilled rapper. But whenever I listen to his songs I just wish he would have branched out from the angsty emo stuff.

Mediocre artists lauded as geniuses just cuz they died early is a tale older than the universe.

He was one of the biggest artists on spotify before he died. So the argument that the only reason he's so loved because he died doesn't work.

Is it in Disney?

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NOT THE JUICE!!! Although I agree, people who fan over his music usually do for the wrong reasons. The thing that's amazing about his music is he conveys his innermost soul through the lyrics, which is very difficult to do in todays mainstream media.

"What's the best thing a rapper can do for their popularity? Die."

Dark but probably true.

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