Mozzarella is such an overrated and boring cheese, amirite?

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Mozzarella sticks are the least mozzarella of all styles of mozzarella.

You have not had a burrata

teknogreeks avatar teknogreek Yeah You Are +8Reply

Yes its tasteless, I prefer an old/smelly crumbly cheese.

If it tastes like nothing then you must be American.

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +5Reply

I will not cheat on my mozzarella. She has been kind to me in my dark days.

Mozzarella sticks lol

Good mozzarella is delicious.

Elitetuskens avatar Elitetusken Yeah You Are +3Reply
@Elitetusken Good mozzarella is delicious.

I agree Fresh Mozzarella is a whole different kind of taste experience compared to processed mozzarella cheese from the grocery store. I suggest OP to try to look for it or Burrata cheese if he wants to know why these cheeses are popular with most people 😁

BriRuns avatar BriRun Yeah You Are +6Reply

Skim low fat mozz is not it... theres a difference between breading mozz sticks you buy from the store..and a tmrestruant using real fresh mozz for fried sticks... trust me there IS a difference. One time i had fried yucca sticks... breaded and stuffed with mozz cheese. Was really good. Nice twist on a classic. Similar in taste and texture to zucchini

DueBodybuildes avatar DueBodybuilde Yeah You Are +3Reply

Fresh mozzarella is my favorite.

Vishwasm123s avatar Vishwasm123 Yeah You Are +2Reply
@Vishwasm123 Fresh mozzarella is my favorite.

Fresh mozzarella is good, but favorite?, I would have to go with an eight year cheddar or some smoked gouda!!

Vishwasm123s avatar Vishwasm123 Yeah You Are +2Reply

They're gonna hate you for this, but I couldn't agree more

I wouldnt really compare Mozzarella to other sorts of cheese. I kinda get your Point but you can Mix Mozzarella with stuff that normally doesnt go so well with cheese.

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