I prefer Van Hagar over Van Halen by a LONG SHOT. amirite?

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5150 and OU812 are my 2 favorite VH albums.

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Dude, the true stadium anthems happen under haggar.
Right Now?!
Love walks in!
Why cant this be love.
Summer Nights?!

I love that love walks in is actually about aliens and isnt symbolism.

Theres an authenticity that happens with sammy on the mic thats more then brovado.

I agree!

Not a huge Van Halen fan in any iteration, but when the bug bites and I need to listen to some VH, Van Hagar scratches that itch just fine. They've got the same enthusiasm and energy without DLR's bombast, and I personally think Sammy Hagar has some pipes without fighting EVH for the spotlight. I'll always weigh in favor of Van Hagar, no contest.

VH with Roth rocked harder with more originality, attitude, charisma and personality. They were more studio polished with Sammy but lost their spark when Dave left, original recipe by far the best

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Dave's screeching thing he does has been the reason I can't stand their songs with him and why I prefer Sammy.

Agreed. DLR too often forced the band to do lame covers and the band was becoming a joke under him. Hagar got them back to rock.

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