Smell is completely useless compared to the other 4 senses, amirite?

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Says someone who takes it for granted. I have lost my sense of smell and it's more troublesome than you would think. Wait until you don't smell something burning or something that has gone bad and tell me
How you feel then. And smell is a huge portion of taste.

And we have way more than five senses by the way.

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Absolutely not true. In fact, in terms of saving your life, and the survival of the species (in a reproductive sense) you could argue that it is the most useful.

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Taste is somewhere around 80% smell (hence why when you have a sinus infection or cold your sense of taste is diminished). Also, certain smells can trigger your brain to realize that you're about to walk into an unsafe situation (fire, toxic chemicals, rotten food that shouldn't be eaten, etc).

Not true. You can detect smoke and other toxic or dangerous smells.

You know you can't taste without smell, right? No sense of smell negates another of your five senses.

Well it's more useful indirectly,in the sense that it helps with taste

Think of it like the pinky finger of the senses. The pinky finger is used the least but provides large amount of strength for the hand, especially for gripping

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