It's stupid to trust people, amirite?

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That's a very lonely way to live

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@Elitetusken That's a very lonely way to live

It's actually not. I still have meaningful relationships with people. The only difference is I'm not surprised when things go south.

JoshByer2s avatar JoshByer2 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Careful you don't cut yourself on all that edge bro.

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It's not stupid to trust people, but it's important to be cautious and not blindly believe everything they say or do.

I not even get what are people so afraid of betrayal, what could they possibly betray you with? Unless you're all living some type of Game of Thrones life what do you do on your daily life that you expect being betrayed?

dude, did i write this ? i've been saying this for so long. "why do you talk to them if you don't trust them ?"

dawg i don't trust anyone lol. few people are worth trusting.

Well, personally I would rather be naive than distrusting.

You make a lot more friends when you don't assume people are out to exploit you, and you would be surprised at how many genuinely good people there are in the world.

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You're a person. Don't trust that.

Ah, you didn't learn your lesson it looks like.

Look, I had a childhood full of trust issues. But I thank God he allowed me to become better out of those experiences, learning how to find people you can trust and know those you can't, learning insight, empathy and understanding. You should try to find this path. You'll be better off.

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