Spring break isn't needed, skip it and end the year a week early. amirite?

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The break is the holiday to go home if you want.

I don't necessarily disagree with you on a college level but in k-12 it's a nice little breather for them.

I have noticed growing up all of the districts I went to were 1 week.. now days most around here are 2 weeks. That's excessive IMO.

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So you weren't the rich kid going down to the beach, sounds like.

Hunker down with your video games like the rest of us did…

California schools need to end earlier no matter how many breaks they take. School needs to end very shortly after Memorial Day(4 days max after). Those extra 2-3 weeks after are unnecessary as is started school in the middle of August

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I have ADHD and autism and breaks really helped me recover from burnouts.

I felt the opposite. Would have rather shaved a few weeks off summer for more one-week breaks throughout the year

I can understand why some people would want to keep spring break, but I personally agree with you. It's not really a break when you still have assignments due and routines get disrupted. And an extra week for finals or summer vacation would be great.

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it's not a break if it's at the end.

like, why have a break in the middle of the work day if you can just leave earlier?

well it's nice to have a break in the middle of a long thing.

You can use this week to get ahead on class work, since you already have a syllabus, as well as prep and organize for finals at your own pace.

Your professors need the break. It's also necessary for K-12, we VERY much need the break!

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As a professor, no thanks. I needed this break. This is a mental health recovery week from all of the stress and a chance to catch up on home projects outside of school. Also, how nice the weather is depends on where you live. It's warm and sunny by me.

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