As a member of support staff in health care. I don't believe us who have little to no medical training should be allowed to wear scrubs when dealing with clients. amirite?

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Years ago hospitals had what was called candy stripers. These were non-medical personnel there to assist in the same way that you describe. It was a distinctive uniform. Probably not a bad idea to bring back.

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As someone who did PCW during uni, I preferred wearing scrubs because the work can be messy and they're comfortable and clean well. I was and am perfectly capable of explaining to family that I need to seek out someone with more medical training.

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I get what you're saying.

tl;dr: I had a job where they were trying to get us to wear scrubs and we didn't even work in the hospital.

In a previous job, I worked FOR a hospital, but I did not work IN the hospital. My role and my department's role was not related to patient care in the least. If I ever even talked to a patient or even a visitor (outside of some very specific circumstances), it would have been a major issue.

We did have medical professionals (doctors/nurses) who worked in our building. They weren't allowed to wear scrubs in this office building.

I had a co-worker who was very influential in the department. She was not a medical professional and is the last person you would ever want to come into contact with a patient. She was making a huge push to have our department wear scrubs full-time, not as an option, but as our uniform. If she hadn't been fired, it would have probably happened.

The last thing I wanted was to ever be mistaken for some kind of professional that I'm not. Fortunately, that didn't happen.

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I always assumed scrubs existed as just simple, mobile clothing for hospital staff... I've never once associated scrubs with an employees level of medical training

@Alixkast Many do unfortunately

I guess I could see that being an issue. But surely a set of scrubs with a different style would be better than just wearing plain clothes to work?

Not from like a 'uniformed employees' standpoint, but aren't scrubs designed to be super easy to clean and maintain? I've never needed to wear scrubs, but I have friends who've worked in the medical field and they all seem to love them.. there has to be a reason

Color coding scrubs by function of the wearer will cover that problem. Medical staff get the green things, helper folk get the beet juice color. Or however you like.

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