Movies are better with commercials, amirite?

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This is a terrible opinion. I'd be down for movies in the cinema longer than 90 mins to have intermissions like they used to. But commercial breaks, what nonsense is that?

Finally - an unpopular opinion that I actually agree with. Especially if the movie is longer than two hours - a bathroom break is greatly appreciated.

The only problem is that the sound of the commercials is usually compressed in a way that makes them sound louder than the movie (even though, technically speaking, they're not).

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I hate commercials

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I couldn't disagree more. Commercial breaks are too long, too frequent and too loud. You're trying to justify commercials when the Pause button exists. Come on.

I totally agree on this one

This is a you problem.

Just pause the movie if u need to do any of those things?

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I feel like I could get behind this idea only because if you're watching a movie with multiple people, they could become annoyed that you paused the movie to use the bathroom or grab snacks. Having an uncontrollable intermission is a decent excuse because they can't be upset that YOU ruined the movie flow. But I feel like that situation is few and far between, the cons of commercial breaks outweigh the only pro I can think of. Especially because most people prepare before a movie starts. If I pee and grab a snack before the movie, I likely won't need to do either during the movie.

This opinion belongs in a landfill because it's garbage.

What about the pause button lol.

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This would be a better argument if we couldn't pause just about everything these days. (I realize OTA can't be paused, yet)

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Commercials are a perfect time to grab some snacks or use the bathroom without missing any important scenes.

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@dankXD Commercials are a perfect time to grab some snacks or use the bathroom without missing any important scenes.

If you didn't grab your snacks or use the bathroom before a 2 hour movie, then that's your fault.

If only there was a button where you could pause the movie…

No, no that's crazy talk.

Bro...just hit the pause button

I would agree with you about a decade ago but now advertising is overly excessive. I can deal with a 30 second Ad. That wasn't bad. I can go grab a snack or go pee very quickly before the show or movie is back on but now it's just ridiculous dealing with back to back 2 minute advertisements that seems to pop up every 5 seconds.

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