Doctor Jack Kevorkian was a Hero, amirite?

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I would hope this is a popular opinion.

I may not agree with Dr. Kevorkian's methods, but I cannot deny that he brought much-needed attention to the issue of end-of-life care and assisted suicide. He sparked important conversations and challenged societal taboos surrounding death and dying.

I'd have to agree with this. So much suffering avoided.

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I will always support assisted suicide ❤️People should have a say in how they die.

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I couldn't agree more. Even during his "murder" trial he had members of the families victim testify that he did nothing but help them die without suffering a slow and agonizing death. He had no problem being insulted by others and taking all kinds of heat. He would put himself in incredibly uncomfortable positions. Including going to churches to promote euthanasia. He stood for what he believed till the very end. Even during his time as a doctor he rarely wanted any money from anyone and lived absolutely frugally. He genuinely cared about the patience he worked with.


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Kevorkian earned the nickname Dr Death years before he started his assisted suicide campaign. He was creepy AF.
Yes, we should allow assisted suicide, but only after we have universal health care.

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@Shiny244 Kevorkian earned the nickname Dr Death years before he started his assisted suicide campaign. He was creepy AF...

We should allow people to kill themselves after staying alive is cheaper? Wtf haha why not let them do it when end of life care is thousands and thousands of dollars

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We have the decency to put our pets out of their misery… But not the humans in our lives

You do not suffer in death, but this world you shall not ever return to. Even in pain I would prefer to remain as long as possible with the men and the earth I was raised with. Leaving them willingly is wrong for us all.

Death will have me when it earns me, God shall understand. I find it an insensitive and rather depressing aspect to advertise suicide. This world was meant to be lived in, it is not a goal to complete and be over with. Do not wish your life over with. You will not get it back.

Absolutely true.

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Never forget that the American medical system is designed to prolong treatment for maximum profitability. Kevorkian was a threat to this revenue stream.....

Assisted suicide is a boon. I don't think someone should continue living if they have lost all hopes in life. Its a torture to those people who are suffering from life long incurable painful diseases to keep them living when they don't want too and we can't do anything to cure their pain. However this should be regulated as many people can take hasty decision

One day, we will look back and view him as a visionary. The way we treat humans at the end of their life is gross.

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