I don't think Gaming should be work or about "earning" gear, levels, ect. amirite?

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The only issues I have are with bought power in games that otherwise have a grind. If you don't like the grind, cool, don't play games that require it. If you don't have a lot of time to play, cool, don't play games that have a grind and complain about it.

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Maybe you shouldn't be playing JRPGs if you don't like leveling up and getting gear.

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Sports games have had this problem for years now. Collecting players, opening packs, and playing the menus have become bigger than the actual gameplay. It's really unfortunate to see.

Well. Don't play Warframe.

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This is why I like Cuphead.

I can see where you are getting at. I also dislike grinding so much for levels. However, I feel as though gaining levels can be very rewarding and give you a sense of progress as you have completed it. I'm okay with games that are tiring to play and involve work and I respect anyone who prefers leisure games rather than intense focused games. I also like it when games leave crafting optional but if you do craft the object, it makes the boss fight easier and more rewarding as you can watch the boss be decimated by your overpowered weapons.

come back with an unpopular opinion.

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