Mass Learning of psychology has created more amateur psychologists than a better understanding of human behavior. amirite?

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Meh. Given the current replication crisis in psychology, it's pretty much a pseudoscience anyway.

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@Milkzey Meh. Given the current replication crisis in psychology, it's pretty much a pseudoscience anyway.

"How do humans perform 3D sound localization with only 2 ears?" This you?

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Wait til you hear about political "science"

I love how you are insulting people for making assumptions while making assumptions to insult people.

No, TV has created more arseholes who think they are amateur psychologists.

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What you said makes sense if you remove the word amateur.

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And what makes you such an expert than you can declare these sweeping conclusions about why people do what they do and think how they think, eh?

Mass learning of anything decreases its value

I feel like that also comes down to the majority of psychology majors wanting to go into clinical fields instead of experimental.

I think it's a good thing that general knowledge of psychological signs and symptoms is easily accessible. Potential patients are presenting to their doctors able to have mental health conversations and ask for psychiatric referrals and medications that can help them. People used to go undiagnosed their whole lives and doctors got away with ignorance or gaslighting. Nowadays the medical community sees more savvy patients who can better advocate for themselves

I think it's a matter of where you live. For example, here in Italy we study psychology in school but people who diagnose random issues every 2 seconds are extremely rare (and chronically online). There's no need to pathologize everything, you probably just didn't learn well the basics of what you're doing

Damn, wait til you learn that emotional intelligence has been used to manipulate you in the workplace by management

People with problems demanding that everyone else has those problems

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