Wrong chocolate used for solid pieces in the majority of ice cream, amirite?

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Here's my opinion as an executive pastry chef and as a food manufacturer for ice creams and gelatos.

What you're consuming is cheap ice cream. The way chocolate is added is they add to a premixer in a batch freezer to help with consistency. Higher quality chocolate tends to not do as well in an industrial setting unless it's small batches or hand painted.

I also enjoy magic shell but that doesn't work well inside ice cream due to it's setting point. It basically becomes a rock inside the ice cream.

Wtf are u talking about lol ive never had a problem with chocolate chunks in my ice cream

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Are you talking about like chocolate chips in icecream that have that weird aftertaste and don't actually taste like quality chocolate, but fake and mostly pure sugar? I can't describe it but I completely understand what you mean. It's very low quality and cheap tasting and strips from the main flavour.

@Classicdry2232 Are you talking about like chocolate chips in icecream that have that weird aftertaste and don't actually taste...

Yea thats definitely apart of it but I was focused on how the chocolate will taste like wax when it's not given a proper chance to melt to release its flavor

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Yes! I hate when little bits in ice cream are so cold they're unpleasant to chew. I'll take a smooth, simple, no frills ice cream over one of those loaded with "goodies" any day.

Completely correct and I'm on your side, but stracciatella and the dark chocolate is my only exception

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You suck at eating ice cream or buy the absolute worst brands possible.

You can make magic shell at home if you mix melted chocolate and coconut oil!

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It's quality of the ice cream that is your issue not the chocolate. Better quality ice cream = better quality chocolate. Magic shell is also mostly oil and sugar and I would not consider that chocolate lol

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Um... no thank you. I'll just keep buying better quality products than you, apparently.

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I'm glad I live in Germany, every place that sells ice cream has the right chocolate chunks 😋😋

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