Watching movies in the dark is the worst, amirite?

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It sounds like you enjoy movies more as a social activity rather than for the sake of the movie itself. I prefer it be as dark as possible to cut out distractions and make it easier to focus on the movie. Any snacks and beverages have been obtained prior to the start of the movie. No talking allowed.

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Unpopular opinion, I can't stand it when other people look at me for my reaction during movies. Let me experience it alone and we'll discuss it after.

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Most of all it's bad for your eyes. The contrast of the screen and darkness of the room is bad, you need to have some sort of ambient lightning for balance. For that matter, I also hate full bright room, love to watch movies at night but I have various weak ambient lights to set the mood. But full darkness is unbearable.

Assangeofficials avatar Assangeofficial Yeah You Are +3Reply

truly an unpopular opinion

Nikolaevkateslas avatar Nikolaevkatesla Yeah You Are +2Reply

You don't have to watch movies ...

I remember watching movies at summer camp in the middle of the day with light pouring through the windows. We couldn't see a thing on the projector.

Technasiss avatar Technasis Yeah You Are +1Reply

Eh yeah maybe for horror

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I have lights where the tables are but the screen area is dark. Works out perfectly.

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