Main Character Syndrome makes the world go round, amirite?

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Kinda true for young people but not accepted in old people tho

I mean it's just selfishness. You don't exist as something entirely separate from and more important than the rest of the world

It's important for people to put their needs squarely at forefront of their considerations but they should never consider other people as side characters to their life story or a means to an end. To every one who thinks they're the hero of their life story billions view them as an NPC in theirs.

I feel like you're purposefully skirting around what Main Character Syndrome really means.

Unless they're stepping on everyone else's back

That's the point. People who act like Main Characters treat everyone else like NPCs, who are only there to serve in the background of their story.

There are lots of successful people who correctly recognise that they only got as far as they did because they had a lot of luck and help. It's possible to be humble and still confident.

In the other hand, main character syndrome is just obnoxious. And yes, it's bad. There's an inherent arrogance that comes with it and that should be avoided at all cost.

"Unless they're stepping on everyone else's back to get their way in life...."

The rather critical reason people despise Main Character Syndrome so much is that people with it WILL step on people in the interest of self-advancement, out of the delusion that they are the most worthy of whatever it is they're going for. It's an inherently narcissistic mentality that needs to be quashed hard whenever it props up.

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There's a balance to be struck.

People need to prioritise themselves sometimes, and other times realise their needs don't deserve something more than others.

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