Monograms are tacky and no adult should ever use them on anything, amirite?

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If I buy something monogramable, I put my dogs name on it

I have them on my suit case to differentiate them from my parents/siblings. But it's at the handle and pretty low key.

Literally never seen this irl

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@Thatoneduderyan Literally never seen this irl

Apparently it's popular in the South of the USA

"Children are stupid" made me cackle a little 💀

I'm not sure where you "recently" learned this, but this is not a super prevalent thing, and you're acting like the US is just drowning in cursive embroidery initials. I also don't know why you think monograms aren't used elsewhere in the "developed world".

What a weird thing to be so self righteous about.

I agree with completely. The ill-informed think its "classy" or highbrow to do this.

I read this as mammograms', and was very confused.

I might agree there, but a majority of people over 21 are not adult.

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