You can't outwalk the fork is terrible advice for weight loss beginners, amirite?

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I don't think the phrase "you can't outwalk the fork" is anti-exercise. it's just saying that going for a walk isn't going to even close to burn off a bag of Doritos and a box of Oreos. if you are overweight, yes, exercise (and if you're not overweight). however, don't treat exercise as a thing that offsets bad eating decisions. unless you're swimming the English channel, you arent burning many calories. treat exercise as a thing that's good for you.

The advice isn't to not exercise, it's to not exercise with the expectation of weight loss - like so many do. Your exercises should be chosen for reasons other than fat loss.

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You aren't going to out exercise a bad diet.

Take up running and actually burn the 3500 calories it would take to lose 1 lb in a week. (Roughly 30 miles of running in a week)

Without also increasing your intake.

Do that for one week and revisit...

You should exercise. Exercise will contribute to weight loss. But you need to diet to lose weight.

I'm in pretty decent shape but consistently hitting 30 miles is a struggle and something I would be physically unable to do if I were overweight. And less vigorous exercise like biking is never going to get there without spending 12 hours a week exercising.

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Calories in< calories out isn't bad advice, it's just true. That doesn't just mean eat less though. It means eat healthier and also exercise more. Say you walk 10,000 steps per day and that's all the exercise you do. You think you'll lose more weight if you eat pizza and deep fried ice cream or if you eat a balanced healthy diet? People for some reason don't agree with the calories in, calories out idea, but it's just the truth.

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