The multiverse trope is actually really interesting and fun. amirite?

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The problem with the way marvel is doing it is they aren't having fun with it there need to be more drastic differences on their designs and in alot of cases actors the fact doctor strange and Kang didn't have multiple actors playing them was a mistake that I hope they correct.

It's why spider verse was alot of fun every chrachter who isn't Gwen and miles is an alt Peter Parker and they were all distinctive because of their actors.

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multiverses are only fun imo when no *hard* parallels are involved, or if there is its exactly one and that's its entire purpose narratively.

if each given universe is entirely different in it's personality and vibe, then yeah it can be a a great idea. but when the point of them all is each one is just the main one but just incrementally one inch off in a given direction, its boring in the longrun (exception to how comic multiverses are handled since thats treated like a lore rule rather than a plot point by default)

Agreed, but im very interested in cosmology, physics, space, and time, something most fiction doesnt explore, so this speaks to me. Im really enjoying Marvel more than ever because of this. I enjoy traversing multiple timelines, multiverses, and the quantum realm. Its so much fun, always interesting, and provides really great scenarios to explore. I cant wait to see what comes from the MCU in the future.

Seeing as hoe there's no way of knowing whether or not other universities exist, it kind of seems irrelevant

imo multiverses cheapen deaths and bring the stakes down to the floor

in the mcu right now for example, >!tony could come back at any time from an alternate timeline where he didn't die !<

also, >!loki is pretty much the only marvel project that actually matters right now. he literally found a drawer full of infinity stones. how am i supposed to be interested in the falcon/winter soldier show's unimportant drama with the knowledge that it could be erased from the multiverse at any moment? !<

come to think of it, >!they're currently resetting the entirety of the dceu using multiverse bs like they did with x-men. that means everything we saw up to endgame could be erased at some point in the future so they can reset the whole franchise!<

@jodzdzownica >!found a drawer full of infinity stones!< iirc (someone please confirm) they don't work

We only saw that they don't work in the TVA offices. They may work outside of that. Or they may have died when their timeline was trimmed. Or maybe they have a working set somewhere safe they use to deactivate other gems so they can be passed out as novelty gifts at the annual Christmas party

@jodzdzownica >!found a drawer full of infinity stones!< iirc (someone please confirm) they don't work

yeah they don't work, that's what i'm getting at

!he's transcended the established rules of the universe so far that the most powerful artifacts from the endgame era are now just rocks !<

I'm curious where they can go from here. It started with the tribe is in danger then evolved to the town is in danger, then the city, the country, the continent, earth, our solar system, our galaxy, the universe, and now the multiverse. Have they just hit the ceiling of stakes?

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Imo it completely depends on how it's used

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