People who need safe spaces, get offended, or need validation should get thicker skin, amirite?

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So I'm not allowed to get upset but I am allowed to beat someone up? What?

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@Assangeofficial So I'm not allowed to get upset but I am allowed to beat someone up? What?

Basically don't cancel people or attack them socially, just bring the issue directly to them. And yeah sometimes that means beating them up I guess

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@Gangstacat4882 Why would you beat someone up if what they said didn't offend you?

Don't beat random people up, but being willing and able to win a fight prevents them from using physical threats to win an argument.

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Looking at your examples on how to react when you get offended, it doesn't sound like you have a thick skin, OP.

So if someone upsets you, you try to upset them back and if that doesn't work you get violent? Sounds like you're the one who's got thin skin my guy.

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If you don't need validation, why are you arguing with someone who either wants to offend you or fight you? What are you fighting for in either case other than validation?

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Agree to disagree, I'm naturally very sensitive but I've thankfully gotten to point that I can let things go and not allow for it to get under my skin. As someone who was also mentally and emotionally abused by a narcissistic ex boyfriend, being told that you are never good enough and that you are scum of the earth really messes up your mental health. Mental illness is a real problem and telling those who have experienced trauma to toughen up or grow a pair is the reason why mental illness is stigmatized. No owns someone else a apology but trauma and low self esteem/confidence are serious issues and can lead someone to want to take their own life.

it doesn't sound like you have thick skin op. people with thick skin will simply walk away, not argue like a child and get into a fight. that's middle school behavior 😂

You sound like a teenager trying to be edgy. Violence? Really, meat-head?? Who's the sensitive one now?? But your title is also vague; what are you saying to people that is offending them? Sometimes people are too sensitive, but sometimes people complaining about others sensitivity are just mad they can't just say whatever they want to whoever they want.

The least edgy 17 year old.

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@Nickyikky The least edgy 17 year old.

I mean yeah pretty much except I'm 20

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You need to be nicer.

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Safe spaces aren't safe for everyone!

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We don't live in a world where your expected to have thick skin. Younger children especially. Get with the times

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"Just say something offensive back or fight about it"

Textbook thin-skin behavior

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I really just come here for the most braindead takes huh.

Gentle parenting caused "safe spaces"

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