Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson are equally good actors, and it's ridiculous to say one is bad and the other is good. amirite?

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Calling Dwayne an actor is a stretch as he doesn't act. He is just himself, that requires no acting on his part.

He is a bad actor but I still love it when he's in a movie (except a certain horrible cgi scorpion centaur). Ryan Reynolds is definitely a better actor and I tend to like his characters more though.

Regardless of who's better though I truly hope we get a red notice 2.

Dwayne Johnson has several belts proving his title as the greatest actor. He spent years fighting people who tried to take it from him.

Ryan Reynolds is fun. Dwayne Johnson is just an egomaniac

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I have no problem with The Rock, but RR is a better actor, imo. He's done quite a few serious movies, which really highlights his talent as an actor. Some examples are… "Life", "The Amityville Horror", "Buried", "Self-less" and "The Captive"

Why do we need to compare them?

I will admit Ryan Reynolds does have a certain cadence and pattern to his comedic roles. However, he has been in several movies that aren't comedies where he can't rely on that specific character he morphs into. The same can be said of Adam Sandler or the late Robin Williams. There is something about comedians where they are more capable of partaking in other genres, but I can't say the same of action actors. I'm thinking of Hulk Hogan, or Arnold Schwarzenegger, or Sylvester Stallone, or Jean-Claude Van Damme, etc.

Are there action actors that made the genre jump? Sure, but if they started as an action star, far less common for them to do this.

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