Beards serve no purpose, amirite?

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False: not only do they get dirty, but they also cause bad itching!

Mrtechnohawks avatar Mrtechnohawk Yeah You Are +5Reply

Catches all the food I missed during the first trip to my mouth

They make males look aggressive and assertive which has a use to attract a female to mate. They also hide weak jaws and chins lol

Iapetus-11s avatar Iapetus-11 Yeah You Are +4Reply

Keeps your skin warm and protects you from potential dangers, just like any other hair

You could just as easily say all hair serves no purpose if the same is true for beards

Some-Noname-idks avatar Some-Noname-idk Yeah You Are +3Reply

I disagree. Anything that conceals even part of my face is doing a great public service.

contextrips avatar contextrip Yeah You Are +2Reply

Spoken like a person who can't grow one.

Frickmepleases avatar Frickmeplease Yeah You Are +2Reply

Windchill insulation, pimple cover, increased attractiveness l

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +2Reply

They keep my family from knowing my true orientation.

Alternatively: Shaving serves no purpose.

JoshByer2s avatar JoshByer2 Yeah You Are +1Reply
@JoshByer2 Alternatively: Shaving serves no purpose.

Comfort and hygiene. Not that I agree that beards don't serve any purpose

@LookAnAltAccount Comfort and hygiene. Not that I agree that beards don't serve any purpose

I think once we got our lice problem under control the hygiene argument lost its power and you'd have a hard time convincing me that scraping a blade across my face daily is more comfortable than just not. Gillette and Bic appreciate your points though ;)

Apartlavishnesss avatar Apartlavishness Yeah You Are +1Reply

They mean I do not have to shave. I HATE shaving.

You don't realise how much insulation your beard is offering until you shave it off mid-winter

Hides some face acne

DueBodybuildes avatar DueBodybuilde Yeah You Are +1Reply

Wasn't there a study that found full beards could somewhat reduce the risk of fractured jaws in fights?

Nickyikkys avatar Nickyikky Yeah You Are 0Reply
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