If you think about the difference in currency, it is a lot, but 0 is still the same. Like there is a big difference in value between £100 and ¥100, and £1 and ¥0, but £0 and ¥0 is the same amount. That is strange to think about, amirite?

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This really isn't strange at all, sorry.

If you're confused by this or find it strange you're honestly an idiot.

i don't see how it's strange, zero of something is always = zero of something else

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@_____________ 0°C =/= 0°F

lol, but that doesnt count you see, because 0 of a degree of temperature =/= no temperature. temperature was made up with numbers to easily figure out the weather outside, for example if it's -0-10 degrees, it's probably winter and a light coat would do, while -10-20 would require boots and a scarf.

0 apples = 0 pears

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Umm, Nothing is nothing, that's all this is saying....

Make a graph.
Make a line starting at 0.
Now make a line with a different slope starting at 0 (or at least rate of change)
Get it?

Its 7:30 in the morning and you just gave me a headache mister! (Or miss) >.< but that is a pretty strange thought =]

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(I posted this btw) I am a miss :)

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@(I posted this btw) I am a miss :)

Well you, miss, are a fucking idiot.

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