People who take punctuality VERY seriously are annoying, amirite?

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Party is bad example, because most of the time it's an event which lasts for some time and you are good to arrive at any time as long as party goes on, unless there are special activities planned that host want's you to be involved in. Other than that if someone is forced to spend their time just waiting for you then it's not good as your time is no more valuable than theirs and if you have issues with time management then you should be the one who waits.

As long as you don't expect anyone to wait for you and your lateness doesn't hurt other people.

I was dating a woman who insisted we needed to show up at the exact time a friend's BBQ was starting. She even started to get upset/worried that we might not make the exact time of the invitation. I was almost embarrassed for her. I tried to explain how backyard BBQ's work, but it fell on deaf ears. She was genuinely distressed that we might be a minute late. Spoiler alert, the host was surprised when we showed up, and we were the first ones there by far.

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I think people who take punctuality seriously are only taking it seriously in situations where it matters.

If a person goes through the effort of hosting a party, and you don't respect their arrival time (outside circumstances preventing you from being on time obviously don't count), then yeah. They obviously have a right to be mad.

If you know time management is not your strong suit, set multiple alarms and reminders. We live in the 21st century where there are plenty of tools to prevent people from being late.

Arriving early to someone's house as they're getting ready is just as rude as arriving late for dinner

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@Balkany4Ever Arriving early to someone's house as they're getting ready is just as rude as arriving late for dinner

It is more rude to arrive 5 minutes early than arriving like 10-15 minutes late. 20-30 minutes late is more rude imo and you should call or text if you are being that late.

Very circumstantial, there are definitely times you need to be on time even outside your professional life, but with friends we mostly run on the +/-10 minutes system. It's really not that big of a deal if we're doing a low key activity on our day off

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