Marijuana is a gateway drug because it's safe for kids, amirite?

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Its not safe for kids, and no one arguing for it to be legal would argue it is…. this title is ridiculous.

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@Elitetusken *safest for child consumption...better?

I'd argue this is even worse. Implies there are other drugs "safe for kids." No drugs are safe for kids. I would say if it is a gateway, it's because it's the most easily accessible drug for kids

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@Elitetusken *safest for child consumption...better?

There are long term consequences to using it before the brain is fully developed. Your premise is wrong.

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It's a weird title imo. Because I didn't like weed and it turned me off to other drugs for a long time but once I ytied other drugs o was surprised that I like them way better

@Elitetusken What's weird about it?

The title of "gateway drug" not your title btw. Just weird because I feel like it implies that if you like weed you will like other drugs. Maybe it's true more often than not but definitely not for me

Alcohol is the primary gateway drug for centuries bc it was the one mostly socially acceptable and the psychedelics were persecuted by the roman catholics

Not at all. No drugs are safe for kids. Even over the counter medications are not safe in too high of a dose. The reason it is called the "gateway drug" is because it is easily accessible like tobacco, and it is not AS dangerous as harder drugs like cocaine or heroin. Don't do drugs kids.

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