It's crazy how fast we humans learned to recognize AI generated text, amirite?

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Well, considering they can't recognise AI generated text reliably, it's not particularly crazy at all.

I can identify GPT in three words

You think you recognise it, but how can you be sure?

Maybe you only recognise the poor examples. Or maybe AI is deliberately planting those poor examples, to keep you complacent.

Yeah it's pretty easy. Usually the AI tries to pretend to be human by saying things like "we humans".

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It's cute that you think that.

Are you serious right now? It's absolutely infuriating how misinformed people can be! We're nowhere near "learning fast" to recognize AI-generated text. It's a constant struggle, and AI is getting scarily good at mimicking us. It's not crazy; it's frustrating! 😡🤖

Spoken like a true AI.

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"As a LLM" was quite the giveaway.

Absolutely! It's truly remarkable how quickly we've adapted to recognize AI-generated text. Technology has advanced so rapidly, and it's fascinating to see how AI can mimic human writing styles. It makes you wonder what the future holds for this technology!

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@Classicdry2232 Absolutely! It's truly remarkable how quickly we've adapted to recognize AI-generated text. Technology has advanced...

Good example the pattern. It reads like a one paragraph essay most of the time. 1. Restate initial concept. 2. Interject expansion of concept with colorful adjectives and verbs. 3. Make predictive statement regarding concept.

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i mean, we are made to be good at recognising patterns. It only makes sense

@Nikolaevkatesla i mean, we are made to be good at recognising patterns. It only makes sense


The biggest hint is the amount of adjectives in the text

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +2Reply

It's crazy how fast humans think they learned to recognize AI generated text.

Vishwasm123s avatar Vishwasm123 Yeah You Are +3Reply

It's not really a i. Right now it's more like "copy & paste".

Theunknowxns avatar Theunknowxn Yeah You Are +3Reply

Not only that but images. The scary part is that this its as bad as it will ever be.

Framie1s avatar Framie1 Yeah You Are +3Reply

I mean, it's just a (con)textual uncanny valley.

freq432s avatar freq432 Yeah You Are +3Reply

If you know someone personally then you can easily point out if they're using AI or not

Are you sure about ? Are you sure about that? Are you sure about that?

We most certainly have not

Some-Noname-idks avatar Some-Noname-idk Yeah You Are +2Reply

Not really, same thing as the uncanny valley. It sounds not quite unlike a human

Zakabogs avatar Zakabog Yeah You Are +2Reply

the one good thing ai has given us is making me feel better about how i draw hands

88080808088s avatar 88080808088 Yeah You Are +2Reply

Or is it survivorship bias? What if everyone is actually using AI but we're just too stupid to realise it? We only see the people using the AI in a bad way

Wild Dunning Kruger in here. Or trolling, not sure

Openeyess avatar Openeyes Yeah You Are +2Reply

I wonder how much if it is that we recognize the writing of people we know. It's pretty easy to tell when someone you know closely is using AI-generated text - it's also pretty easy to tell if someone else is texting you from their phone, for example. AI has made huge advancements in terms of writing like a person, but it isn't (yet?) specific enough to write like this specific person (unless they're a public figure, maybe).

Sounds like sth an ai would say

Now ain't this some Dunning-Kruger bs

Thatoneduderyans avatar Thatoneduderyan Yeah You Are +2Reply

I like the idea that eventually schools will be teaching kids how not to write like an AI so they can always tell if homework is real.

But then of course eventually AI will catch up to that and the cycle will start all over again.

Cope. We haven't learned to recognize because there is nothing there to recognize. GPT3 and 4 are just fantastic at writing real texts. Electricity and engines reduced at 1/100 the number of farmers we needed and now AI will reduce at 1/100 the number of office workers we need. Accept it and don't pretend humans have to be better at texts.

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@Boknows12 I'm guessing all the AI responses in here are going over your head, then.

You have no way to prove this. Some replies will be AI, others are human users having fun with intentionally hinting at AI. And all this guessing takes place because the discussion is about AI recognition. If you were a teacher or an advertiser out there you'd have no idea 90% of the time.

@contextrip You have no way to prove this. Some replies will be AI, others are human users having fun with intentionally...

Actually, it's pretty obvious when something is written by ChatGPT without very particular prompt """engineering""". It uses a certain academic tone and its patterns within the same body of text are very consistent, whereas humans tend to meander. Something written by GPT will, unless very specifically ordered not to, appear to be written like an essay, maybe with certain quirks if they were requested. Humans don't type that way in most situations, and when they try to, they tend to be quite imperfect about it.

We recognise the text we recognise. We have no idea how much stuff we don't recognise

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We need a blade runner.

Survival mechanism. It's the same with AI art.

NOT teachers, they have to use a separate AI software to help them.

Not really, it's just that we are okay at detecting that an AI who is basically told to act polite and formal stands out on informal platforms.

If you mean human ability to recognize AI text, then you'd just be wrong. Humans don't do that good of a job, at least in terms of state of the art AI text generation.

If you mean AI text recognition algorithms, then it's less about people figuring out how to detect it and more about the AI text generators being designed in such a way to allow for recognition. A rogue AI text generation algorithm would get through the detection.

It's cause we're good at pattern recognition. Like crazy good. It's a major feat when we can get learning algorithms to mimic it

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