+184 Wario Land fans are annoying, amirite?

by Anonymous 5 months ago

Shake It sold about a million copies. But the marketing wasnt strong enough The biggest contributor to Wario land not getting any further games is the fact that R&D1 team hasnt been together since team changes. Same team responsible for Kid Icarus and Metroid. Metroid escaped the void because third parties kept on asking to make games like Retro Studios to great success. When it comes to Wario land, its been decent and it doesnt help that Miyamoto nor the rest of Nintendo sees Wario as a treasure hunter. But a garlic, microgame maker who's a bad friend and a complete fart joke in Smash bros Name me a spinoff game that doesnt try to make Wario as a comedic relief and taken serious? You cant

by Anonymous 6 months ago