"Foaming" surface cleaners are a terrible idea, amirite?

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Idk man I've never had those issues

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@dankXD Idk man I've never had those issues

Besides the occasional leaking(which also happens with non-foam cleaners) I've had very little issues with foam cleaners.

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I've never even tried a foaming product, just buy a spray

The mechanical action of the bubbles breaking does the scrubbing for you. All you have to do is rinse off foaming cleaner after its done.
Tell you never read the instructions without actually saying so...

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Okay so don't buy the foaming ones? Like what are you in about

It's a tactic to generate more sales you amaze people with expanding foam and tell them that means it's working hard to "scrub" which appeals to their lazy/busy life side. I've never seen dirt that just regular run of the mill cheap as dirt Lysol or Pine Sol can't remove, Hell use Sunlight dish soap it's even cheaper.

Disagree. Particularly with mold and mildew remover. If it doesn't for a heavy foam, it will just drip right away from where the mildew is. It needs to sit on it for like 5 minutes to be effective. If the mildew killer isn't foaming, I won't buy it.

Wtf are you even on about, you can buy whatever cleaning products you want you don't have to buy foaming ones because you saw it on TV you knuckle dragged

Most of products I see at the store aren't foaming

It could be you're using the wrong cleaner for the wrong dirty.

If you have a greasy kitchen wall and you spray it with some degreaser there could be a little foam.

Let it sit for 5 minutes and wipe it down with a hot cloth.

Chemical reactions happening yada yada you know this stuff

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"Scrubbing bubbles" is marketing speak, on a level of veracity equal to "read my lips" or "you didn't build that."

Bubbles are incredibly delicate things. They're not capable of scrubbing anything.

Foaming bleach clorox brand works great for me.

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I recently switched from normal Dawn to the foaming version and it's actually amazing how much better the foaming version works lol can't relate

You need to have patience and let it SIT for like 15 mins. I figured this out with my stove cleaners. Just needed to be patient

Because the tiny bubbles do the scrubbing for you.

@Achilles982 Because the tiny bubbles do the scrubbing for you.

They do the scrubbing, so you don't have toooooooooo!

@Mytokhondria !gif

By the way, I'm only doing all this because I heard that buffalo bill guy stuck a road flare up your bunghole... Hoorah

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We use foaming degreasers at work and they're amazing. They sit on the surface for longer which soaks in better and can get in some hard to reach places. Not familiar enough with any other foaming cleaner.

People are stupid. It's the same reason your Shampoo suds up. They cam remove it and have tried, but then ppl complained so they put it back.

Perception of clean > actually clean

Kinda like the TSA :3

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I bought a rechargeable USB C half gallon plant mister on Amazon for cheap (like $15)? Anyhow, I pour all my household cleaners into that thing and it is FANTASTIC!

I make a custom mix for floors. 1 cup ammonia, 1/2 cup alcohol, 1/4 cup Lestoil (not Pinesol -- Lestoil is the bomb) and fill the remaining volume with hot water.

I push the button down and spray my entire floor. Then I wipe it up with one of those Squiffer like mops with clips for washable mop pads and it cleans fantastically well (as good as using a mob with a bucket and there is no rinsing!)!

Where are you shopping? Foaming cleaners are a gimmick and they account for like 10% of the products I see everywhere I shop. Most cleaners are still just regular liquid

People have been trained,like a dog to believe that foam = soap when in fact it's foamers that make the foam and not the soap, so it sells.

Properly done with good soap and emulsifiers it can actually help as the soap will stick to whatever longer ensuring coverage.

Without that balance it's like what you said, dawn 4x is a good example of the good.

I used to hate them and still do if you get a splatter rather than a fine covering of foam.

The foam does lift dirt from your surface into it so it's easier to wipe away rather than spread around.

I find it works well for sticky messes in the kitchen and sticks better to soap scum in the bathroom allowing it to sit there and work instead of run off.

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