Facetime is Dumb, amirite?

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Unpopular opinion: people live in the world and it makes me mad >:(

Stickmanforthews avatar Stickmanforthew Yeah You Are +6Reply

Speakerphone is more annoying to me than FaceTime. If my in laws make a phone call, it's on speaker.

When I worked in call centers my least favorite customers to deal with were the ones that kept their phone on speaker. Half the time I could hear other people's conversations better than the person I was trying to talk to.

Also most popular phones haven't even had a headphone jack for like, 5 years now. Acceptable-quality wireless earbuds are pretty cheap, though.

ambitiouscorners avatar ambitiouscorner Yeah You Are +6Reply

You ever text on your phone? Watch movies on your phone? Browse the internet on your phone?

Why not just use your phone as, you know, a phone?

@Stickmanforthew None of those activities distract everyone around you.

Same thing. If I take a video of my friend while talking to them, it is all the same actions as doing a video chat.

KilljoyXs avatar KilljoyX Yeah You Are +5Reply
@Stickmanforthew None of those activities distract everyone around you.

I'm sorry you have to look at the person I'm FaceTiming 🤣

QuteFxs avatar QuteFx Yeah You Are +2Reply

So someone talking on the phone is distracting vs two ppl talking in person isn't???

Being distracted by FaceTime is weird and not normal

If your distracted by somebody on facetime you got bigger issues

I think the better title would be "People Need To Be More Discrete With Their Phone Usage In Public", since thats the general sentiment i'm getting here.

Agree 100% though. Feels like every time I go into the city anymore I spot at least one person doing this.

OffhandBromates avatar OffhandBromate Yeah You Are +3Reply

Ok grandma, let's get you home

teknogreeks avatar teknogreek Yeah You Are +3Reply

You know the opinion is not unpopular and that's why you chose to make the title clickbait instead the actual opinion, right?

You must be really ugly if you don't like facetime

If they dont like the noise they can just walk away

Theunknowxns avatar Theunknowxn Yeah You Are +1Reply

I agree with this. I never use FaceTime. I thing it's stupid

Rowgeara2s avatar Rowgeara2 Yeah You Are +1Reply

It's more a thing with younger people. I'm 43 and still quite tech savvy, but I dislike FaceTime calling. I just call. That's enough. But my 9y old son uses FaceTime as standard.

Iapetus-11s avatar Iapetus-11 Yeah You Are +1Reply
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