+8 breakfast in bed is gross, amirite?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Why does your bed stink?

by krajcikdimitri 2 weeks ago

Came here to say.

by Green_Baby 2 weeks ago

Morning Thunder.

by Eloisa77 2 weeks ago

The only question that needs an answer

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Maybe he eats breakfast in bed without plates? he is possibly fed fishheads every hour, and they pile up.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Okay, gonna unpack this here... Why does your bed stink? Can you not eat like you were using a chainsaw as an eating utensil? Proper bed trays have legs, you don't have to to use a piece of plywood... Half the purpose of breakfast in bed is to result in movement, rarely deemed disastrous. Do you not have the ability to do two things at one, like hold a tray and stand up? Obviously you have some bias based on personal experience based on your username. Sounds like you just need a more positive experience, and possibly some counseling.

by Imoore 2 weeks ago

Yeah nah, you're doing it wrong.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

"Stinky bed???"

by Elodymraz 2 weeks ago

Idk about y'all but my bed isn't stinky.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Dawg if your bed stinks you have hygiene problem not a breakfast in bed is gross problem.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

It seems to me you're nasty and assume everyone else is too

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Why is your bed stinky

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

aren't u supposed to change it after doing the deed?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I exclusively have sex in other peoples cars to cut down on any clean up on my part. The one guy I was doing that with had this fancy wipes that he used on his seats to get all the cum up and some little microfiber towels under LOL 🥴🥴🥴🤣

by Trick-Philosopher137 2 weeks ago

I did not need to know that.....

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

First why is your bed stinky? Second how messily are you eating that crumbs are getting everywhere?

by SummerPrestigious347 2 weeks ago

Don't know how you drop crumbs everywhere if you actually eat properly

by No-Researcher 2 weeks ago

Idk why your bed is stinky. wash your bed sheets & pillow weekly. spray ur mattress with diluted vinegar, and pour baking soda on it. Let sit for a hour. then vacuum.

by opalheathcote 2 weeks ago

It depends on what you are eating.

by ystamm 2 weeks ago

Breakfast in bed is awesome at a hotel, where it doesn't matter if you drop the odd crumb in bed.

by Rhettmosciski 2 weeks ago

I'm not even hungry until I've been up for a couple hours

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

My bed smells like Downy and my girlfriends body wash. I could eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner there.

by enricostamm 2 weeks ago

Why is the bed stinky in the first place?

by Shanonhane 2 weeks ago

Why does your bed stink fam

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

First of all you are supposed to wash your sheets and pillowcases. Secondly not all food has crumbs. Third if you are able bodied, I'm sure you can figure out moving the tray if you need to Jeez...

by nova70 2 weeks ago

Eating anything on bed is gross

by Hbode 2 weeks ago

Dude got no game

by Limp-Conflict 2 weeks ago

Yes, eating in bed is gross.

by Garrisonkuphal 2 weeks ago

this gives the impression that a very dumb child who has never actually eaten breakfast in bed wanted to write an opinion about it.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago


by Ok_Witness 2 weeks ago

Why don't you have a maid? /s

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I had to brutally fire my butler after I caught him skimming single noodles when cooking my spag bol

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You chose to speak truth today. Yes. It's a nice gesture. It's cute once in a couple years. But only do it if you're thinking about washing the sheets that same morning lol.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Username checks out

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Yeah that is why I eat my breakfast in toilet

by quintonhessel 2 weeks ago

Maybe if we're you with a stinky bed and ate like you too, getting crumbs everywhere then we'd find it gross. Did your parents not give you breakfast in bed when you were home sick from school or anything?

by Front-Ad5639 2 weeks ago

Clean your bed. Get a bigger tray

by presley70 2 weeks ago

I cared for my mom until the end, and breakfast in bed was the highlight for her. Serving trays for this type of thing have legs, like a little table, so you don't have to balance anything. She had severe depression and dementia, there were many very dark days. Even she could see the merit in breakfast in bed.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

If you're a messy eater just say that 😂

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I try to not let my bed get stinky -- washing the sheets from time to time helps with this.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

I was going to agree with similar reasons: I don't want to dirty my clean bed. I don't like to eat before brushing my teeth

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Saw a dating ‘expert' on the tv say there are 2 types of people. Those who eat in bed & those who don't. I love it & so does my husband. Just brought him up breakfast in bed while he's working on his phone!

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What about life in bed?

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

It's also weird because your mouth is dry and breath stinks and you're eating breakfast.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

What about second breakfast in bed?

by Previous-Duck-8135 2 weeks ago