+8 Eating Ice Cream in winter is something people with money do. amirite?

by charity35 2 weeks ago

What are you talking about lol thats an unhinged theory

by Educational-Bat 2 weeks ago

I think they're just denying themselves good things to feel good, I'm a poor person who love life cream in the winter

by vhoeger 2 weeks ago

Life cream is something very different

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

"sleep with electric mattress pad" If you're so frugal, why do you waste money on electricity for that? Just put some extra covers on your bed. You might be able to afford some ice cream then /s

by kuhlmanfrankie 2 weeks ago

I sleep with three layers of sleeping bags and blankets. The electric blanket is for emergencies. Heating a small bed is much cheaper than heating a room or house.

by charity35 2 weeks ago

Bro youre using the electric blanket wrong if you're using it to heat up your entire room. I personally hate the mattress pads because they burn more electricity than blankets. But a proper electric blanket layered between a sheet and under a comforter keeps me warm all night and my heating bill low. I only use it for about 30 minutes a night to warm up my core and the heat is trapped all night in the layers.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Sit under the blankets and eat the ice cream, then burrow

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Do you live in Siberia?

by ExoticAir6741 2 weeks ago

Pffft. Poor man's ice cream was a thing.

by OkArgument 2 weeks ago

Ice cream, and almost all dairy products, makes your core temperature rise.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

Maybe if they sold peppermint ice cream sometime outside of the holidays

by CheesecakePristine 2 weeks ago

By your own admission this is because you're extremely frugal though

by Orville24 2 weeks ago

I literally make ice cream with snow.

by Used_Agency_6560 2 weeks ago

Actually eating ice cream in the winter is something Americans are the most likely to do. Rich or poor. Many Other countries don't even sell ice cream in the winter.

by InterestingMatch691 2 weeks ago

Dairy Queen has entered the chat

by Dapper-Wishbone 2 weeks ago

Dairy Queen drive you with the heat on blast mind you

by vhoeger 2 weeks ago

And how much do you think you'll save throughout the winter choosing to not use heat? Note enough for it to be worth it

by Stock_Sir2767 2 weeks ago

Uh as someone who used to live in an apartment where I was comfortable without heating, about 600€/year compared to the previous occupants.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

And that 500 per year is worth it to you?

by Stock_Sir2767 2 weeks ago