+30 True privilege is being raised by two loving, mentally stable parents. amirite?

by wymanlou 1 month ago

This is very very true..... In the past I've gotten jealous when I've met people who were raised as you described. And annoyed when they didn't understand that their situation wasn't the norm. Though, it's not their fault, and good for them.

by Kshlerinenrico 1 month ago

I mean there is without question privileges inherent in that. That said the way you say True privilege like there isn't privilege inherent in say being born in a developed country or many other things. Hell there is privilege in not being neurodivergent.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Could not agree more.

by Jumpy-Philosopher845 1 month ago

This is objectively correct. And Racial privilege has not existed in this country since the 1970's. There are also no such thing as "residual effects". These are what is known as Manufactured Dilemmas.

by Anonymous 1 month ago