-4 It's ironic that the room in which you can't help making the most embarrassing noises is built in a way that amplifies everything, amirite?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Yeah, but I wouldn't trade it for unwashable and moldy materials that reduce sound

by SilverAd 1 month ago

how about sound breakers that are hard? like the hard plastic of egg racks thingy

by Schillerjamir 1 month ago

Would still be a pain to wash and even if it's hard material mold will accumulate in any nooks and crannies where water droplets gather

by SilverAd 1 month ago

Yeah. And why do they try to make bathroom fans as quiet as possible when I want the noise to cover up the sound of me dropping a deuce?

by Mobile_Comfort_883 1 month ago

Or when you have to drop a deuce in someone else's house and they don't even have a fan?! Horrifying.

by Sure_Beat 1 month ago

I have a "White Noise" generator in the guest bathroom. I've always been tempted to hack it so it will play ocean sounds for 30 seconds and then disgusting farting noises for the next 2 minutes.

by Qward 1 month ago

I feel like that's the kind of prank that would only work once but would be well worth doing.

by Ok_Agency 1 month ago

Quality whale-song deserves to be amplified.

by Anonymous 1 month ago