+28 Men and woman, in general, like different movies. And thats OK. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Exactly! And I wouldn't mind the focus on empowerment if the movies were actually good (I'm male).

by Just_Recover 1 month ago

I caught the last few what ifs. God it's so bad

by Anonymous 1 month ago

This is just the opinion of a 10 year old that thinks gigantic movie franchises are the the pinnacle of art that reflect human interests.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

So women only like romance movies? Did I miss the memo cuz I love horror and action films

by Anonymous 1 month ago

If anything I know way more women who are obsessed with gnarly (gnarly, dude 😎) horror movies and grindcore stuff than other men. I'm a man and tend to like period dramas lol.

by No-Arrival-6671 1 month ago

You know, I had this argument with someone before. Op is talking about most women, you're talking about all women. It's like if I say men are taller then women and you cut in with "well actually some women are taller, and actually some guys are shorter then most women" Yes, that's true. But if I own a clothing store I'm not gonna get the same amount of every size. I'll do the average, and I'll mostly buy, what most people want.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

OP did specifically say "in general" in the title. He never said what women can only like. I'm a guy who pretty much doesn't like football anymore. But I recognise that football is enjoy but the majority of men in some form or another. Some men like flowers, most don't. Some men like roms coms, most don't. Your attitude is the same as those who DO think that all women only like rom coms, but just on the other side of the spectrum. It's OK that men and women generally enjoy different things and it's OK to recognise that, just ait's perfectly OK for those that don't to like their own things.

by Kavon35 1 month ago

Sir this is unpopular opinions, not the general consensus.

by Trishagutmann 1 month ago

I have struggled to see the view point of others, women are also so different, so it is hard to see the world from their point of view. Well, once I did succeed, and it kind of shocked me. For example, as a man I see Spider Man as nothing that special. It was fun to watch him as a kid, and he was powerful, but that and all was expected of him. When I tried to watch him from the lens of a woman, all that disappeared. I respected it that he ACTS, he was not passive, he took control of situations. And normally this means nothing, because as I said, it is expected an normal. But from a female point of view, to act in such way was magical. No wonder women want partners who are domineering. I know this might sound weird, but I did not experiment with drugs or anything, lol.

by Exciting_Ad4166 1 month ago

What are you talking about. Women don't think like that when watching superheros. That's really weird. Women might be different from men, but we still think similarly about the movies we watch. We might just reach different conclusions. Go watch or read reviews of Spiderman or any superhero movie done by a woman. There's this Youtuber called Amanda the Jedi, she's a huge Spiderman fan.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Russians and Americans, in general, like different films. But not because of the difference in Russian and American genes.

by LocalSpring2386 1 month ago

You're making broad generalizations about the sexes without looking at any data beyond what you've decided each sex likes. Don't worry, I don't view this as sexist at all, just extremely uneducated.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Seems like commom knowledge as opposed to unpopular opinion, except to a social Marxist

by Arielboyle 1 month ago

I am a woman and I love exactly those genres you wrote: horror, scifi, fantasy, action etc. I saw almost every horror movie there is. Some of them I've seen multiple times just because they are good.

by Anonymous 1 month ago