+14 Johnny Cash's Hurt is not better than the original, amirite?

by hstokes 1 month ago

I'm with you. It was a great interpretation, and nice coda to an incredible career, but I don't think it cut as deep as NIN. The true number one cover that's better than the original is of course Donny Hathaway's version of Jealous Guy.

by Izulauf 1 month ago

Cash's cover is alright, but the original is amazing

by Less_Response4696 1 month ago

Lol. Your outrage is two decades late.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

It's just not a good or compelling song. Music that is too on the nose is just ham fisted

by toybettye 1 month ago

Didn't Reznor literally admit that Cash's version is better?

by Global_Advice 1 month ago


by Anonymous 1 month ago

Lol, this is the truly unpopular opinion

by Acrobatic-Shift-4941 1 month ago

Cash sucks. His cover of hurt is awful. Yeah, I said it

by fayflossie 1 month ago

yes, finally someone agrees with me

by Electronic-Sorbet 1 month ago

NINs fan and I liked Cash's cover a little more.

by Erikjaskolski 1 month ago

Downward Spiral and Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde were the first CDs I got when I first got a Discman. I was a complete NiN nerd. Had every Halo. Johnny Cash's version is better. Pretty sure even Trent Reznor has said that. Story goes that the first time Reznor watched the video of Cash's version, he was with Zack de la Rocha, and they cried. I definitely cried the first time I saw it.

by schambergerzach 1 month ago

I agree, same song 2 totally different vibes.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I didn't even know it's a cover.

by johnsonvalentin 1 month ago

THANK YOU!! I've been saying this for years, with very few agreeing.

by Kadenjenkins 1 month ago

If Cash did the exact same cover, but his wife was still alive at the time and he was a younger man, most would not think his version was better. The emotion of seeing a man near death sing a song about loss is powerful, and the visuals and circumstances added a lot to the song in that moment, but Trent's is still the better song.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Trent Reznor would disagree with you.

by Anonymous 1 month ago