+5 It/its makes way more sense than they/them, as it's neutral, singular, 3rd person and even commonly used for babies, amirite?

by Aadams 1 month ago

In theory, maybe. Probably not in practice If someone called you "Them", you probably wouldn't think twice about it. If someone called you "It", you'd probably think they were disrespecting you.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Plus, they/them can 100% be singular... 'oh no, someone left their umbrella, I'll put it behind the counter in case they come back'... doesn't sound weird at all

by Anonymous 1 month ago

They is still singular, and more importantly, it's humanising.

by Loud-Carpet 1 month ago

I'd argue kind of the opposite, (or to the side? idk) "they" is fine as singular since even though it may take you half a second longer to figure out who it's referring to, at least you know for a fact it refers to a human. Meanwhile, it's honestly weird that we call a human "it" when they're very young. I think it comes from when babies were expected to die often and people didn't want to get too attached to them but nowadays it doesn't make much sense

by DueChocolate 1 month ago