+17 It's okay for men to jerk off to hentai, amirite?

by Tlangosh 1 month ago

sir this is a mcdonalds

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Can I have a large fry with that

by Hpadberg 1 month ago

Are mcRib back sir? I would to have three orders of that and a mcflurry

by tyriquebailey 1 month ago

Calm down homie, this isn't information anyone wants or needs to know

by Anonymous 1 month ago

But it does classify as an unpopular opinion

by Hpadberg 1 month ago

Man has been jerking it to draw pictures of women for centuries.

by Oschroeder 1 month ago

just because it's an old practice, it doesn't mean it's not weird and also illegal in some case

by Towneoscar 1 month ago

Because conservatism exist(the ideology of the political party)

by Hpadberg 1 month ago

What makes you think OP is centuries old?

by Xblanda 1 month ago

Couldn't care less. Being able to care less means you care to at least some extent

by Anonymous 1 month ago


by Tkoepp 1 month ago

I mean, you left out the ' but yeah I feel a little better

by Anonymous 1 month ago

any other grammar mistakes you'd like me to fix ?

by Tkoepp 1 month ago

If the character is under 18, then you are a pedo. It is still cp even if it is a drawing.

by VersionAgreeable 1 month ago

what if she looks like shes 25 but shes 15

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Still a pedo and it is still cp.

by VersionAgreeable 1 month ago

Certainly that's still pedophilia, but it would be difficult to make an argument that it's just as bad.

by Cautious-Election781 1 month ago

Yeah of course it is, it's just another form of porn after all and it's entirely fictional as well. It becomes a problem when someone who jerks it to hentai starts doing the all too classic weeb move of beginning to prefer fake women over real women in more ways than just their porn habits.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

What's wrong with someone preferring anime women over real women? Not every man has the desire to want to be in a relationship with a real woman. Some men just really love jerking to anime women and living their amazing lifestyle alone.

by Tlangosh 1 month ago

Actually I think jerking off to hentai is probably better morally than to normal porn, as it can be impossible to know who and who isn't abused when it comes to real humans. Also I dare anyone to try to counter this argument.

by Historical_Horse1731 1 month ago

OP is trying to normalize his loli obsession.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

It ok for men to jerk to hentai …not disguised cp hentai

by connellyludwig 1 month ago

When you're alone there's always a fantasy involved.

by AdeptDance 1 month ago

It's totally okay to butter the corn on the cob to anything as long as you don't hurt anyone by doing so.

by Background_Tank 1 month ago


by Motor_Mark6126 1 month ago


by Round_Ad_7684 1 month ago

i think most people have issues with it bc of the over sexualization and infantilization of the women being depicted. same w other types of p0rn, it encourages and perpetuates misogynistic ideas. also it's weird that you're jerking it to a 17 year old anime girl, real or fake, because she "looks" 20….it's the principle….lmao

by External_Compote 1 month ago

Doesn't do anything for me but do your thing I guess

by Anonymous 1 month ago

ok so now i want to k*ll myself!

by Anonymous 1 month ago