+25 Most people complain online because they have no impact in the real world. amirite?

by Anonymous 1 month ago

people only want one thing and its to be entertained

by Venasanford 1 month ago

i mean not all the time, not everyone wants to be entertained, some people look for love, sometimes its hope, sometimes its to look for something they need, as if their sanity hasnt gotten to them yet... but its not just to be entertained, that may be the dominant idea however not the total idea of the internet.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

the internet could and should be entertaining in better ways than what is basically the equivalent to starting drama in high school

by Gleichnerroger 1 month ago

Yes IRL I have no one I can talk to

by lilianmertz 1 month ago

No irony at all. I don't complain online and pretend I'm doing anything other than shouting into the void. And if I have issues that need to be solved offline, I'll put in the work to do it. But it seems to me that most people complaining online (by volume if not individuals) do so with some delusion that they're doing something more than venting.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Is that not exactly what you're doing though? Lol

by Anonymous 1 month ago

You're literally complaining right now

by feliciakling 1 month ago

Just because people complain about something doesn't mean they have the ability to change any of it. A lot of us are just too busy keeping our heads above water.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Are you just restating what he said?

by Ok_Finger1717 1 month ago


by Anonymous 1 month ago

Except for the part where people don't know what they're doing.

by Ilarson 1 month ago

Ultimate each one of us has the ability to impact our own personal lives more than anyone else. Trying to change the whole world. Much harder, best shot is making a podcast or something to influence others.

by matteo89 1 month ago

The web and reality constantly reflect on each other. What is being discussed online absolety bleeds in the real world, it just lags a bit behind.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Crazy how people pretend it hasn't already significantly impacted the world irl.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

That's just most people, anywhere, virtually or in real life.

by brennon56 1 month ago

Social media was a mistake

by tparisian 1 month ago

People need to vent. Online is the perfect place to do it as opposed to doing it irl where no one wants to hear that. That's all there is to it really

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I think you'd take more steps in the real world to actually get changes made. Or at least use your online interactions to pursue achievable real-world change. this is by design these days. Social media is messing with us badly

by Summernitzsche 1 month ago

I think people want more social interaction but lack the energy, money and time. They would rather complain or argue with a friend but….

by Ok_Finger1717 1 month ago

You must hate VR and AR such as Apple Vision Pro then.

by Complete_Breakfast 1 month ago

Well, that, and some people like to vent, me personally, I just wanna hear people's opinions on mine and vice versa.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Oh I know I'm talking into the void, like a journal entry. But I also enjoy trolling xenophobes. And that affects them, kinda influences the real world :) As for real world impact, I can only a/effect my local environment

by Eloisa07 1 month ago

Comforting for him to think that nobody does anything cause he doesn't.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Thank you. OP didn't want to look in the mirror (he just hit me with that down arrow lol)

by waelchivan 1 month ago

That tracks 100%

by Anonymous 1 month ago

People just use their anonymity to take the chance and rant out their frustrations and other things that they probably won't or can't in real life. Myself included.

by SprinklesSweet5525 1 month ago


by Anonymous 1 month ago

I mean they don't really have much impact here either in my opinion lol

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Yes I think so, but sometimes I also think that's okay! There's a nice anonymity and ambiguity in sharing on a platform like this. If it's not harming anyone else. People who use the space to attack others are just misguided

by Enough-Prune 1 month ago

I disagree. Online complaints are one of the most impactful things that I can do. What can I do that is actually more impactful?

by Jakob70 1 month ago

I'd say most people complain online because there are no overt consequences to there complaints. Can't get punched in the face while online

by Jjast 1 month ago

That's basically the definition of complaining.

by Ilarson 1 month ago

I disagree because they indeed changed the world already.

by Sorry-Honeydew 1 month ago

what? maybe you're right! you're so right!

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Lol the irony

by Low-One-7873 1 month ago

I complain online because I can't punch people in the real world

by Allisonprice 1 month ago

Ok, but that's also what you're doing right now complaining about complainers online also where's your evidence that people who complain online have no impact in the real world? Because I'm sure there's many people such as doctors, firefighters, police officers who are probably online venting right now

by Anonymous 1 month ago