+1 There needs to be a one bun burger. amirite?

by Borerdaija 1 month ago

Taco, tostada, bao, calazone....

by Dudley97 1 month ago

Pizza , also here in Australia kfc had a chicken burger that used chicken as the buns and the meat

by Anonymous 1 month ago

US had that too, the double down. I still have no idea who that was marketed to, it was a joke to everyone.

by ApplicationSoft 1 month ago

So like an open faced sandwich that's popular in Czechia?

by LowNorth4914 1 month ago


by Anonymous 1 month ago

You guys are savages, I'm never going to sleep now.

by beauspencer 1 month ago

I love how chaotic this question is.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

That's called a taco

by Resident-Pack 1 month ago

You're gunna need a partner in this company lol

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I do not understand. How's many buns are you putting your burger in?

by tremblayabelard 1 month ago

Most burgers are one bun burgers, you cut the bun in half and then put the patty in the middle of that one bun.

by Other-Possibility 1 month ago