+17 Flying cars sound hella dumb, amirite?

by Wbuckridge 1 month ago

I definitely do not trust the average driver with another dimension of movement

by Anonymous 1 month ago

I was thinking about this on the way home yesterday. With all the morons already on the road, I can't imagine them flying.

by Anonymous 1 month ago

Imagine every time there's a car crash the cars come crashing down to earth. You'd live in constant fear of being crushed from a car falling from the sky onto your home or your person at any moment. Pass.

by Electronic_Cat 1 month ago

I'm just being a smart-ass, but do you realize how many airplanes are in the air over the us at any given time? Check out a website, I think it's called flight tracker, it's stunning! You won't be able to sleep from now on thanks to me and this website! You are welcome! However, in your defense, a vast majority of the aircraft in the air are being piloted by trained and licensed pilots. I can't imagine a 17 year old Barbie driving her mom's electric powered Tesla airplane while trying to update her Instagram and Facebook status and not noticing that the battery is going dead....

by Anonymous 1 month ago

And, of course, there are planes up there piloted by amateur pilots too. But it's also the difference of around 20,000 car accidents a day in the US vs. about 1200 plane accidents a year.

by Electronic_Cat 1 month ago

Also those planes are thousands of feet in the air. When people think of flying cars it's more like 100 feet off the ground. When a plane is bound to crash a pilot has some ability to control where it does (unless they can't control the direction for some reason). With flying cars you wouldn't really have that much space

by Ok_Demand9187 1 month ago

Do people from California get paid for every time they use the word "hella"?

by Repulsive_Chard 1 month ago

You lack imagination. Most of these issues I'm just imaginging them not being an issue. Imgine it without needing all that force to lift. Imagine it just being stable at a heigh and all you have to do drive on your X axis. Essentially, imaginary roads at specific elevations above sea level. So instead of one 2 lane road and adding lane horizontally, you go 20ft up and add more there.

by bernice90 1 month ago