Stop visiting your best friend (of the opposite gender) when you get a boyfriend/girlfriend, amirite?

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If you can't trust them, maybe you shouldn't date them.

Mikes avatar Mike No Way +25Reply

A good boyfriend or girlfriend wouldn't make you choose between them and a friend and neither would a good friend.

If my boyfriend told me to stop talking to my best friends who are guys, I would dump him.

Anonymous +18Reply

What if you're homosexual? Just sayin'.

TriPhams avatar TriPham No Way +18Reply

You need to get a grip, people shouldn't stop seeing their best friend because you're paranoid that they might be screwing each other.

Chromanas avatar Chromana No Way +14Reply

Why don't you chain a cinderblock to their foot while you're at it?
Not like you can trust your bf/gf with WALKING. Heavens no! They might actually TALK to someone! God forbid someone of the oppisite gender!!


Sounds like someone has jealousy issues.

Rebels avatar Rebel No Way +10Reply

telling someone to stop seeing their friends is controllong and if ur in a relationship like that, break it off immediately before it gets worse. my best friend had a bf like that once and he was an ass and wouldnt let her do anything or even wear what she wanted

Anonymous +10Reply

total bullshit! If my boyfriend can't trust me. Then he won't be my boyfriend! He's my friend get over it!

If you think that you are the worst BF/GF ever,amirite?

Anonymous +7Reply

okay its possesive/ but i cant vote on this cus sum situatitions are different, i had a boyfriend that cheated on me and had a whole nother relationship going with a girl introduced to me as his best friend for years. they WERE friends before going out, but he told her we broke up, and me THEY had a falling out, so it was a while before i saw her again, and they started going outand he went behind my back, until i found out. i told him if he wanted to see me anymore he had to stop talking to her, if i couldn't trust him not to go out with her, you know? so before ANY of you judge, think

Here's some advice: Stop being a paranoid bitch. No one will ever enjoy your company so don't give it to them.

I'd dump is sorry ass before I'd dump any of my friends. All my friends are male, it'd be like telling me I'm not allowed to have friends, period.

Aimzs avatar Aimz No Way +1Reply

Gender doesn't matter. Friends should be friends, even if one or both has a boyfriend/girlfriend.

I know, it's so retarded when people have best friends of the oppisite gender while they're dating

your_faces avatar your_face Yeah You Are -21Reply

I'd find that creepy if he my bf kept visiting a friend of the opposite sex but if I was like once a month I'd accept it

Anonymous -26Reply
@I'd find that creepy if he my bf kept visiting a friend of the opposite sex but if I was like once a month I'd accept it

Who cares what they do. Seeing their friends once a month is just as bad as not letting them see them at all. They can do whatever they want.

Anonymous +16Reply
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