-29 We don't need cars really, amirite?

by Broad_Travel 2 weeks ago

Yeah. Won't work where I live at all. "We" is bs

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You havent tried being a carless american in rural mid-west. when people say its impossible it is absolutely not hyperbole.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

We live in a place where we travel 120 miles/193km one way to see the doctor, where we have feet of snow for 6-7 months a year and temps are sometimes -40F. We have no public transport - no busses, no trains, no Uber. I'll keep my car.

by Ok-Bicycle2075 2 weeks ago

I wouldn't need a car either if my public transport wasn't riddled with tweakers or things where not far away.

by tina10 2 weeks ago

Lol yeah you live in the UK where you can drive for 40 minutes and be in another country. Try living in the west and then come back and tell us again how cars are so unnecessary. I don't think Europeans truly understand just how massive Canada and the USA really are. To give some perspective, the area I live in, you could drive for 10 hours straight and not even be halfway through it. Infrastructure was purposely built to be car-centric here, and in many places there isn't public transportation available and sidewalks end abruptly or don't exist in many areas.

by Straight_Run 2 weeks ago

"UK" all I needed to know

by arlie99 2 weeks ago

This from someone who's country is smaller than Texas. In many countries you can't ride a bike from the country to the city.

by Anonymous 2 weeks ago

You don't need a car. As an American who drives 45minutes each way to work with no reliable public transit avaliable, I do.

by Dismal-Dot8213 2 weeks ago

Truly unpopular! If I didn't have a car I'd be spending 4 hours a day walking back and forth to work after 8 hour shifts. Yeah, I could move closer to my job but that would double (if not triple) my rent.

by Bashirianbraede 2 weeks ago

I mean humans managed to live without cars for almost 300.000 years, so yes its true we don't need cars, but they are nice to have. Of course using a car to drive for 30 second that is just stupid.

by Impossible-Ebb 2 weeks ago

I mean we don't need them but they're just convenient to have, it's like saying we don't need toilets, or indoor heating or beds, sure they're not essential to everyday life but they each provide a unique benefit that's nice to have

by Sensitive-Use 2 weeks ago